Hedge Fund
Hunters LP

A Multi-Strategy Social Impact Fund Targeting Investment Fraud in Global Financial Markets

Social Impact Investing

Hedge Fund Hunters L.P. is a US-based investment fund managed by Jackal Capital Partners. We are a boutique investment manager focused on private and public companies that are engaging in fraud in global financial markets.

Under a limited partnership structure, we use our network of fraud examiners, lawyers, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals to mitigate fraud in capital markets while providing an attractive risk-adjusted return for our investors.

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Investment Strategy

Hedge Fund Hunters L.P.

We generate uncorrelated alpha by identifying fraudulent and unethical market participants, and by monetizing our analysis through short positions, the SEC Whistleblower Award Program, and qui tam litigation.

Our investment holding period is three to five years and we have an annual return target of 30% net to investors.

Niche and Uncorrelated Alpha

Hedge Fund Hunters L.P.

The fund identifies litigation-related investments that offer significant upside with defined risk.

Payouts from lawsuits are not affected by the level of interest rates or stock market volatility.

Case recoveries are hard to model which provide for returns as high as 10x.

Ethics and Experience

Jackal Capital Partners

Our investments are sourced from an experienced network of fraud examiners, attorneys, hedge fund managers, and investigative journalists.

We perform rigorous due diligence on the parties involved and the potential for asset recoveries.

Our investments are structured with little downside and significant potential for high returns.

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Any decision to invest in Hedge Fund Hunters L.P. should be made on the basis of the current prospectus, which is available on request at info@jackalcap.com. Read the prospectus carefully before investing. All investing involves risk, including potential loss of principal. There is no guarantee that the fund will achieve its objective.

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